History of Rodborough Fort

  • Rodborough Fort commands a prominent position on Rodborough Common overlooking Stroud. Although it is located amongst iron-age earthworks the Fort itself is not as old as many people think.

    Strictly it is an inhabited folly and has been known as Fort George and Rodborough Castle in addition to its more correct name of Rodborough Fort. The original fort was built around 1764 by George Hawker (d. c. 1786). It passed through a number of prominent Stroud business men before being acquired by Alexander Holcombe in 1868 who rebuilt the original building on a grander scale.

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    1. Bob Young
      Bob Young at · · Reply

      A great collection of Rodborough and district postcards. Thanks for showing us all.
      It is a shame you no longer live in the Stroud area as I am sure you would enjoy our postcard club.
      We also have an online page and a postcard group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1683390465230024/

    2. Sue Powell
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      What a great collection – very interesting. Came across reference to your website in ‘The Commoner’ leaflet and glad that I decided to investigate. My family has lived in Stroud for generations and most of the houses lived in have looked towards ‘The Fort’. Although life was very different even 50 years ago I can’t help but think that everything looked so much nicer with a bit of space!

    3. Tim
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      What a wonderful collection – thank you for sharing these with us!

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